Massage & Body Treatments

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage
30 min - $45
60 min - $70
90 min - $100
A Swedish Massage is a very common type of massage performed in the Untited States. Swedish massage is very relaxing and accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long, deliberate and gliding strokes in the direction of blood flow returning to the heart. Swedish massage is slow and gentle; great for first time massage goers, fibromyalgia patients or your only goal is relaxation.
Aromatherapy Massage
30 min - $50
60 min - $75
90 min - $105
Aromatherapy Massage provides all of the elements of Swedish Massage with the addition of highly concentrated essential oils combined into your massage lotion. Essential oils can be very personal as our sense of smell is attached to the limbic system which controls emotions, hormones and influences the nervous system. La Vie only uses the finest essential oils extracted from pure plant and flower extracts. Before your session, you will be able to choose your custom aroma. Essential oils can be seasonal and various option are available. Standard oils such as lavender and chamomile are naturally relaxing and anti inflammatory.
La Vie Signature Deep Tissue Massage
30 min - $55
60 min - $80
90 min - $110
A La Vie Signature and our most popular massage. Deep tissue is a more specific type of massage thats focus is on the deep layers of muscle tissue, tendons & fascia (the protective tissue that surrounds muscle, bones & joints)in the body. As the name suggests, the therapist applies deeper pressure to release chronic muscle tension and pain. Deep Tissue Massage is often recommended by many doctors as an alternative treatment for chronic pain. While often more affordable and healthier, deep tissue work reduces inflammation, alleviates muscle tension, improves blood flow/pressure, breaks up scar tissue, rehabilitates injured muscles, improves movement and provides stress relief. Includes aromatherapy inhalation and hot towel ritual.
Hot Stone Massage
60 min - $100
90 min - $125
Experience the ultimate feeling of stress and muscle tension melting away with a La Vie Hot Stone massage. Hot Stone Massage is a specialty massage where smooth heated stones are used as an extension of the massage therapists hands & applied to specific points on the spine to enhance and improve energy flow. Heat is transferred for deep relaxation, warmth & muscle melting, allowing the therapist to work more effectively.
Couples Massage
Another La Vie favorite! Relax together in our spacious couples retreat. A couples massage is the perfect time to celebrate an anniversary, a holiday or just spend some quality time. Choose from Swedish, Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Massage.
30 min
60 min
90 min
Deep Tissue
Prenatal Massage
30 min - $55
60 min - $80
90 min - $110
Prenatal Massage is a wonderful way to relieve muscular tension, aches & pains associated with pregnancy. While all pregnancies are unique; commom discomfort during pregnancy include backache, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and swelling. (Available after the 1st trimester, beginning on the 13th week.)
Sports Massage
30 min - $60
60 min - $85
90 min - $115
A Sport Massage is a specialty massage designed for those who engage in various types of sports. You do not need to be a professional athlete to benefit from sport massage. Some common sports can include: tennis, running, football, golf, swimming, baseball, baskeball, cheerleading, strenght training, etc. Sports massage can help athletes perform, rehabilitate and recover much faster than one trying to recover on their own. The goal of the massage is to improve range of motion, increase blood flow, eliminate by products and improve strength and flexibility by supplying oxygen and nutrients to the muscle.
30 min - $45
60 min - $75
90 min - $95

Body Treatments

Aqua Body Polish
Experience a full body exfoliation with Vichy Shower ( approx 45 min). A full body exfoliation that removes dead skin cells. Refines the skin using therapeutic benefits of marine elements such as Dead Sea Salts along with skin conditioning oils. The product is left on the skin while a steam bath is given. The treatment is concluded with a customized body moisturizer. Leaves skin silky, smooth, toned and rejuvenated.
Swedish Miracle Wrap
Body wrapping for ultimate weight loss and detoxification. (approx 45 min). The body is exfoliated using dry brush methods and then a Swedish Miracle Gel is applied, targeting cellulite and stretch marks. Pressure wraps are then used to wrap the body. Relax in the Alpha Sauna while detoxing and losing unwanted water weight and bloat.
Caribbean Therapy
A detoxifying body treatment from the Caribbean. (approx 45 min). The Caribbean Therapy Treatment begins with a dry exfoliation followed by a smoothing, detoxifying, self heating seaweed masque, a comforting body wrap and a scalp and face massage. After a refreshing Vichy shower, a restorative body moisturizer completes this island experience.