Health & Wellness Packages

Slim Down Package
Squeezing into a dress? Going on a cruise? Are you feeling bloated or like your clothes don’t fit? This is the package for you! (Allow 2 hours)
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Swedish Miracle Wrap
  • Detoxification Package
    Are you ready for the ultimate Detox? Our Detoxification Package is a great way to start! (Allow 2+ Hours)
    • 15 Min Infrared Sauna
    • 60 Min Deep Tissue Massage
    • Optimum Foot Detox
    Allergy Sinus Relief
    Sinuses got you down? (Allow 90 Minutes)
    Get relief from allergies, sinus pressure and pain starting with a 30 min sinus relief massage,followed by ear candling (includes two candles per ear) and finish with an optimum foot detoxEach Additional Candle - $9
    • Sinus Relief Massage
    • Ear Candling
    • Optimum Detox Foot Bath